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TTi™ 3000 Colorimeter (M-3000)

Kit Number: M-3000

The TTi™ 3000 Colorimeter from Taylor Technologies offers water analysts reliable results plus a variety of features to maximize your productivity. This handheld, multiwavelength, microprocessor-controlled, menu-driven, direct-readout instrument employs LED light sources. Its portability and data-logging capabilities make it well suited for use in the field in addition to the laboratory.

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Pocket Tester Pen (6555)

Kit Number: 6555

The ease of use and portability of Myron L's ULTRAPEN PT1 make it an ideal choice for measuring electrical conductivity, TDS, and salinity. Simply press a button and then dip the pen into a solution. Within seconds the results are displayed. This rugged, shock- resistant pen is designed to work in a variety of water applications. The PT1 offers an accuracy of ±1% of reading, automatic temperature compensation, and auto-ranging. It uses a 1.5 V N-type, alkaline battery, which is included.

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Boiler/Cooling Specialty Kits (K-1645)

Kit Number: K-1645

To prevent corrosion and scale in boiler and cooling water systems, it is essential to analyze both the natural impurities of the source water and the treated water's characteristics. The analytes most commonly tested are alkalinity, chloride, hardness, nitrite, pH, silica, and sulfite. Additives such as EDTA and other chelants, molybdenum, phosphates, phosphonates, and polyacrylic-acid-based polymers are also routinely monitored. Tests for these parameters constitute Taylor's combination kits for water treatment professionals. Kits come complete with all necessary reagents and equipment.

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Taylor's QAC & Polyquat Test Kits (K-1582)

Kit Number: K-1582

Drop test for high QAC & polyquat levels (using direct neutralization); 1 drop = 10 or 25 ppm QAC, 1 drop = 3.5 or 9 ppm polyquat.

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Taylor's Phosphonate Test Kits (K-1583)

Kit Number: K-1583

Drop test for ATMP, Na5ATMP, HEDP, K6HDTMP, DTPMP and Na5DTPMP.

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Taylor's Peracetic Acid Test Kit (K-1546)

Kit Number: K-1546

Drop test (iodometric method); range = 0-1000 ppm.

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Taylor's Nitrite Test Kit (K-1510)

Kit Number: K-1510

Drop test for nitrates (ceric oxidation of nitrite method); 1 drop = 40 ppm NaNO2

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Taylor's Polymer Test Kit (K-1190)

Kit Number: K-1190

Taylor's polymer test employs a simple turbidimetric method. First, turbidity is filtered out of the sample water with the syringe filter included in the kit. When reagents are then added to the prepared sample, turbidity develops in proportion to the amount of polymer in the water. The degree of turbidity observed after a timed five-minute wait is compared to a set of printed standards and their interpolated values. The closest match indicates the concentration in parts per million polyacrylic acid. Interferences listed in the note below should be considered when running this test.

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Taylor's Test Kits for Commercial & Institutional Laundries / Washrooms (K-1616)

Kit Number: K-1616

For testing water hardness, bleach strength, sour rinse pH, and more.

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